Nexperia Introduces New Display Power Management IC

Nexperia is excited to introduce our new products, NEX10000 and NEX10001, which are bias power supply ICs for thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD). These ICs provide stable and accurate bias power to the TFT-LCD panels, ensuring clear and vivid images. They have a compact and efficient design that makes it easy to integrate into any TFT-LCD display system.


Mobile devices are ubiquitous and help us connect with each other and the internet. They are an essential part of our lives, with an estimated  16.8 billion mobile devices* and 6.7 billion smartphone users** worldwide in 2023 and over one billion new smartphones shipped yearly***. The displays of these devices are the main means of human-technology interaction. Hence, the quality, size, and efficiency of the displays are crucial for the success of the mobile revolution.

One of the most common display technologies in modern devices is the thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD). This type of display uses a thin layer of transistors to control the segments of a liquid crystal, which can vary their reflectivity to create images. TFT-LCDs are widely used in devices that require a high-quality, low-cost, and reliable display, such as mobile phones, handheld devices, video games, personal digital assistants, and navigation systems. In fact, nearly half of the mobile devices shipped in 2023 use TFT-LCD display technology****.

However, TFT-LCD display requires a power supply that is reliable, high-precision, and high-efficiency to produce clear and vibrant images. This is especially important for mobile applications, which need a power supply solution that is small in size and high in efficiency.

Nexperia is pleased to announce the release of TFT-LCD bias power integrated circuit (IC) products, NEX10000 and NEX10001. The bias power supply ICs deliver stable and accurate power to the TFT-LCD panel. They feature a compact design that makes it easy to integrate into any display system. The power supply is also highly efficient, which helps to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. One of the key features of the new bias power supply ICs is their ability to regulate the voltage precisely, ensuring a clear display without visual artifacts.

NEX10000 and NEX10001 Summary

These devices are programmable and can generate both positive and negative output voltages for TFT-LCD panel bias power supply, as shown in Figure 2. They use only one inductor, thus simplifying the design process and keeping the footprint small. The internal boost converter converts input voltage ranging from 2.7 to 5 V, which is suitable for operation from single-cell Lithium-ion, Nickel-Lithium and Lithium-Polymer batteries. The output of the boost is "cleaned" by an integrated linear low dropout (LDO) converter to yield a low-ripple positive output voltage ranging from 4 to 6 V for NEX10000 and 4 to 6.5 V for the NEX10001 device.  An integrated charge pump converts the voltage to negative voltage of -4 to -6 V or -6.5 V for the NEX10000 and NEX10001 respectively. Both the positive and negative outputs have a high accuracy of 1% to ensure a high picture quality.

Power conversion efficiency reaches an impressive 86% with positive and negative operation. At low currents the boost converter goes into pulsed frequency mode (PFM) to improve light-load efficiency. The boost converter is internally compensated, reducing footprint and concomitantly simplifying the design process.

The NEX10000 and NEX10001 devices have a thermal shutdown sensor which tracks the internal temperature and shuts the device down when the operating temperature is high. They also have undervoltage lock out (UVLO) which protects device operation at low voltages.

By using the standard I2C (inter-integrated circuit) communication bus interface, the output voltage can be set programmatically by the system designers. The output voltage can be modified in 100 mV steps for both the positive and negative output: between ±4 V to ±6 V for NEX10000, and between ±4 V to ±6.5 V for NEX10001. The NEX10000 and NEX10001 can offer 80 mA and 220 mA current respectively.


Signal-Chain Application

While the NEX10000 and NEX10001 are primarily intended for TFT-LCD display power applications, they are well suited for signal-chain applications which require a positive and negative supply. Split-rail converters applications include such as audio -visual instruments, sensors, measurement equipment, and medical equipment. The simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy of NEX10000 and NEX10001 makes them an excellent choice for this end equipment.






More Information

Nexperia’s new bias power supply ICs, NEX10000 and NEX10001, meet the needs for bias power supply in TFT-LCD displays and will provide an easy-to-design reliable and efficient power solution. For more information about our new product, please visit our website here.



Figure 1: Typical LCD Bias Application
Figure 1: Typical LCD Bias Application
Figure 2: Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display bias power supply architecture.
Figure 2: Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display bias power supply architecture.