三月 17, 2019

Seeking the perfect power switch

Choosing a low RDS(on) MOSFET for an efficient low loss power switching application? Don’t forget to check there are no hidden compromises.更多信息

  • ESD保护
三月 11, 2019

What are TVS diodes and how do you choose the right one?

When it comes to medium-voltage high-energy pulses that last milliseconds, choosing the right TVS diode can be vital. Do you have the right protection for the typical ...更多信息

  • 逻辑
  • 汽车
三月 06, 2019

Use Nexperia shift registers in LED designs to reduce size & BOM

Shift registers from Nexperia's logic portfolio can help reduce size and BOM in designs that use LEDs. By providing I/O expansion, shift registers enable the use of less ...更多信息