Nexperia Design Engineer’s Guides

The Nexperia library of Design Engineer’s Guides provide a technical encyclopedia to help you optimize your electronic designs. A collection of technical and application insights ‘from engineer to engineer’, we share expertise and learnings that Nexperia’s engineering teams have built up over many years of helping customers in a variety of sectors take their applications from initial concept, though prototyping and on into final production.

Bipolar Junction Transistor Application Handbook

Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Application Handbook

Today, billions of NPN and PNP bipolar junction transistors are used in a diverse range of applications. The microelectronics industry has experienced massive innovation, which has resulted in minute device structures, nonetheless, discrete BJTs still maintain their relevance. These humble devices have themselves continue to evolve, with newer materials like silicon carbide now enabling environmentally sensitive electric vehicles that meet the performance and range requirements customers expect. This handbook is intended as a ‘go-to’ reference, for those looking for technical information, fundamentals and design ideas.

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Diode Application Handbook: Fundamentals, Characteristics, Applications

The humble diode, developed over 100 years ago, has undergone a transformation very few could have predicted. Not only has this ubiquitous electronic building block come a long way, so have the considerations and implications of its usage. Joining Nexperia's library of Design Engineer’s Guides as an essential reference work, this handbook details practical solutions to real world problems faced by engineers. It discusses available diodes, their technological fundamentals, latest developments and application insights. Serving as a technical dictionary as well as providing orientation for the plentiful considerations of the design process. This guide offers comprehensive and practical knowledge with applicable formulas and circuits to its reader.

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ESD Application Handbook: Protection concepts, testing and simulation

Electrostatic discharges (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are key design challenges, especially when it comes to modern high-speed and super-speed interfaces. However, getting the right balance of ESD protection and EMI filtering without impacting system performance is becoming increasingly complicated. The ESD Application Handbook discusses the causes of ESD, failure symptoms and the necessary steps needed to ensure your design incorporates sufficient protection even for the most sensitive interfaces. It also introduces a scientific selection process for ESD protection devices, overcoming time-consuming trial and error testing that does not necessarily find the best solution.

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ESD Protection Application Handbook: Automotive Edition

In this dedicated Automotive Edition, you will find invaluable information about ESD protection of the most modern multimedia interfaces such as high-speed video links and ethernet with respect to their signal sensitivity and classics such as LIN, CAN and Flexray. This book builds on Nexperia’s extensive knowledge and understanding of modern test methods and failure analysis, including new methods as transmission line pulse (TLP) and its benefits. As a powerful tool in ESD design understanding on schematic level, accurate simulation methods and models are presented. Including a systematic selection process for ESD protection devices, to overcome time-consuming and non-efficient trial and error testing.

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MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: Power Design Engineers Guide

The second edition to the hugely popular MOSFET application handbook, this unique collection of technical materials and application notes provides essential and up-to-date information for anybody tasked with integrating MOSFETs and GaN FETs into real-world systems. Providing useful guidance on common topics and issues that the design engineer is likely to encounter. By providing insight into their sometimes confusing and complex behaviour – including information necessary to solve common problems and avoid potential pitfalls – Nexperia’s belief is that the Handbook will become a ‘go-to’ reference for anybody tasked with delivering optimized power and small-signal switching, power conversion and power management.

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Logic Application Handbook: Product Features and Application Insights

Recently released Logic Application Handbook is dedicated to application and design engineers who are developing and using electronic circuits, often within embedded systems for all kind of applications. The demand for discrete logic devices is widespread. Many aspects of system and board design have to be addressed and the usage of logic devices is very often generating questions and support requirements which cannot be met just by data sheets. In order to provide a compact and handy document, condensed from application notes, customer support experience and general logic knowledge, this book is meant to support development engineers who are dealing with logic devices.

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