Logic product features and application insights

Download the Nexperia’s Logic Design Engineer’s Guide and get a better understanding of Logic products, their features and properties, timing and interfacing aspects as well as get an overview of application insights.

Even though logic may have been around since the days when engineers still used slide rules, today logic is still an essential part of many embedded designs. Today’s systems need to be smaller, more power efficient, and more portable than ever before, which means managing tight layouts, and dealing with looped traces, which can generate cross-talk and create signal integrity issues. In many cases, the right logic device makes these things easier to manage and helps optimize operation.

A dedicated Logic Application Handbook

We are very proud to release Nexperia’s Logic Application Handbook. This book is another key milestone to build the Technical Nexperia Encyclopedia.

This handbook is dedicated to application and design engineers who are developing and using electronic circuits, often within embedded systems for all kind of applications. The demand for discrete logic devices is widespread. Many aspects of system and board design have to be addressed and the usage of logic devices is very often generating questions and support requirements which cannot be met just by data sheets. In order to provide a compact and handy document, condensed from application notes, customer support experience and general logic knowledge, this book is meant to support development engineers who are dealing with logic devices.


Logic Design Engineer's Guide's Content

  • Logic basics and generic logic product properties
  • Power considerations for CMOS and BiCMOS logic devices
  • Timing aspects of discrete devices
  • Interfacing aspects of logic devices
  • Analog & Logic product segmentation
  • Packages
  • Automotive quality
  • Logic families


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