DFN2020 – squeezing in more power under the hood

Nexperia’s AEC-Q101 qualified, 175 °C rated, DFN2020 MOSFETs with side-wettable flanks for AOI, give designers a space saving option for under the hood applications.

As we continue to add electronic functionality under the hood, the demand for component miniaturization and increased power density grows. However, from a quality and reliability perspective under the hood semiconductors need to be rated to 175 °C and offer full automatic optical inspection (AOI) capabilities. With the launch of Nexperia’s first AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs in the 2 x 2 mm DFN2020 package rated to 175 °C and with side-wettable flanks for AOI, designers now have a weight and space saving option for applications operating in the 1 A to 10 A range with a maximum power of 15 W.

DC/DC converter board MOSFETs in DFN2020 with side-wettable flanks

This latest addition to our automotive MOSFET portfolio expands the range of options designers have for under the hood applications. It enables greater flexibility in selecting the best electrical and thermal performance to meet specific application requirements. Designers can choose from a broad range of power and RDS(on) values in both our extremely robust LFPAK packages and now in this smaller 2 x 2 mm package.  With both N-channel and P-channel options these new DFN2020 devices are particularly suited to medium-current load-switching applications and DC/DC conversion for motor management.

For more information, parametric data and datasheets visit the DFN2020 MOSFET overview page